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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Emotional regulation, Children’s emotions, Normalizing emotions, Help children deal with anger, Help children deal with fear, Help children deal with sadness, Help children deal with excitement

Me and My BIG Emotions
by Kristen E. Zentner

A day at the amusement park is full of fun! But all kinds of BIG emotions can come up! How can one little girl with great BIG emotions cut them down to size?

Sometimes kids have BIG emotions. Allowing BIG emotions to enrich our lives, while not letting them run away with us, is an essential skill to enhance lifelong wellness. Let’s start early! Me and My BIG Emotions aims to normalize emotions while providing evidence-informed strategies for emotional regulation before these emotions grow too BIG to handle.

Me and My BIG Emotions teaches children…

• To identify four BIG emotions

• Four healthy ways of coping with BIG emotions when they get too big, including

mindfulness-based strategies

• That BIG emotions are experienced by everyone sometimes

• That BIG emotions are opportunities to connect with those around us

• That BIG emotions enrich our lives

“Me and My BIG Emotions combines storytelling through relatable situations for parents/guardians and their children with practical coping strategies that can be utilized throughout the lifespan! As an educator, I see tremendous value in teaching children these healthy emotional coping skills early in life. As a dad, I appreciate that this book normalizes BIG emotions as opportunities to learn, grow, and fill life with color.” Brent Bradford, Ph.D., Teacher Educator & Educational Researcher

“As a clinical psychologist and dad, I absolutely love this book! It is engaging, entertaining, and educational. Every time I read it with my son, he is full of laughs and deep breaths! Now, when he gets upset, we talk about his “big emotions” and how he can bring them down to size!” Graham Gaine, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

Kristen E. Zentner photo

From her early years, Kristen E. Zentner was nurtured to love stories. This love is what drew her to the field of psychology where she has had the honour of listening to the stories of diverse mental health populations for over 5 years. Kristen is currently co-editing a book on post-secondary student wellness, which has galvanized her desire to change the landscape of wellness and mental health through research and writing. Specifically, her experiences have inspired her to pursue doctoral studies in clinical psychology. Kristen chose to harness storytelling to improve healthy coping and foster a sturdy foundation of wellness in young children by becoming a children’s author.

When not on long walks with her dog Poggle in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley, Kristen can be found with her nose buried steadfastly in a book or up to her elbows in paint and charcoal. Kristen grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to two loving parents and two inspiring older brothers.


Kristen E. Zentner

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