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Vision Meets Execution
Mastering the Concept that will Drive your Business Success
by Darryl Kenna

When Mark, a struggling small-business owner, hesitantly decides to meet an old friend of his father’s for a day of fishing and “business advice,” he doesn’t expect much. As far as he knows, his father has no real experience in business after all, and the “the captain” he is supposed to meet doesn’t exactly sound like a particularly helpful resource either. Little does he know that his day out on the lake with the man will change everything, identifying the blind spots in his own business understanding, attitudes, and perspectives. He’ll learn a great many things from the captain, but none more important than the concept of “Vision Meets Execution,” which details how the roles of CEO and COO need to work in concert and harmony to drive any business toward success, whether it’s a business with hundreds of employees or a business of one.

Astounded by all he’s learned; Mark invites the captain to a meeting with his Office manager Dawn (whom he quickly realizes has been his COO all along) to expand on his incredible mentorship. That meeting would change every aspect of Mark’s business, establishing and clarifying the role of every team member and how they interrelate, embracing candour and inclusivity, and ensuring that every member of the team, including the CEO and COO, figure out how to stay in their own lanes.

Though set within a fictional framework with the intent of making its lessons and advice a bit more palatable than the more common, and predictably dry, business manuals, make no mistake: This guide to business success will change the way you look at your business, regardless of its size, and with wisdom and insight that are easily grasped and put into action, help it reach new heights of success.

"Vision Meets Execution captures the art and nuance of how to run an effective business from the C-Suite Leadership Team. Darryl Kenna beautifully outlines what business owners miss through powerful metaphors and storytelling that stick with you in your daily business decisions. Whether you are a small business with just one person or a multi-national corporation, the lessons in this book will apply to your business. Business isn't just about production or leading people; it's about a mindset of self-inquiry and accountability to evolve as your team grows. As Darryl alludes to in the book, leading a strong business is a practice, not an endpoint.

The Captain in the book doles out how CEO and COOs can create tension that impacts a business's long-term growth and productivity. The protagonist, Mark, is relatable, humble and helps the reader accept their shortcomings without judgment. This book will not only give you the understanding and importance of the CEO and COO but will help you start practicing this type of leadership and partnership immediately. These titles are not just about status; they are about leadership, accountability, and communication. They are about self-awareness to stay in your lane and give people in your team autonomy to help the business reach new heights. They are about addressing problems with the proper process. This book should be on every business' bookshelf to be referenced regularly."

─Sonya Looney

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Over the last twenty-five years, Darryl Kenna has built, helped build, mentored, and sold companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Currently the CEO of Epiphany Group, a private asset-management company that owns real estate and vertically aligned businesses he provides his mentorship and guidance to the business Ecosystem he is involved in. He still currently consults with financial firms across the country, helping them improve their understanding of their functionality to drive up their profitability and value of their businesses. Like the captain in his story, he also spends up to fifty days a year out on the water in Waterton National Parks, hosting businesspeople from across the country interested in improving both themselves and their companies.


Darryl Kenna

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