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schizophrenia, mental health, recovery story, neurodiversity, love and relationships, trauma, spirituality

An Individual's Innocence Book II
The Fog of Time
by James G. Yeo

It has been ten years since Charles Davis was diagnosed with schizophrenia and began rebuilding his life from scratch. Waking up in a hospital ten years ago was a major turning point for Charles; now, as he grapples with a fresh wave of symptoms brought on by work stress, he’s at another pivotal moment in his life. In this sequel to An Individual’s Innocence: The Silent Screams, Charles recounts his past struggles and mental health recovery process to his girlfriend, Meghan, and her family. An emigrant, bullying survivor, former drug dealer, and chef, Charles has lived many troubled lives that continue to haunt him. While Charles struggles to better understand his present through his past, he has also begun to look forward, toward the possibility of a happier life shared with Meghan. What will the future hold?

This book is dedicated to those who have fought and are fighting the battle of mental illness.

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James G. Yeo lives with schizophrenia; this novel draws on his extensive knowledge of the subject matter from lived experience. He published the first book in this series, An Individual’s Innocence: The Silent Screams, with FriesenPress in 2016. In addition to writing and reading, James’ hobbies include travel, model trains, cooking, and music. He lives with his parents and two lovable dogs in Macklin, Saskatchewan. For more on the author, visit


James G. Yeo

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