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Colombia, Bogota, entrepreneur, mother, daughter, go to work, gratitude

Miss Pecosita's Day at Work
by Diana J Zambrano

Miss Pecosita is invited on an unusual adventure: today, she’s going to help her mother at work. Miss Pecosita is very excited. Miss Pecosita and Mama Blanquita take the bus into the big city. Miss Pecosita has never been on a bus before. She sees the tall buildings, hears the construction workers and car horns, and smells the cafecito. On the streets, people set up their stands and sell all sorts of items and foods. A businessman even trades emeralds!

After Miss Pecosita and Mama Blanquita set up their stand on the street corner, Mama Blanquita tries to sell her ties of all styles and colors. As Miss Pecosita watches her mother, she sees how courageous she is when approaching businessmen on their lunch breaks—one finds the perfect tie for a special occasion—and how strong she is as she holds all her ties on her arm. They may only sell a couple ties, but daughter and mother work hard and remain cheerful.

Set in the bustling city of Bogotá, Colombia, Miss Pecosita’s Day at Work follows a young daughter and her single mother as they bond over a day at work. Extra discussion questions allow young readers to reflect on cultural differences, helping others, and their own futures. This book is part of a wonderful series that follows more adventures of Miss Pecosita.

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Diana J Zambrano grew up with a single mother in Bogotá, Colombia. She has written over seventy stories about Miss Pecosita. Miss Pecosita’s Day at Work is the first book in her series The Adventures of Miss Pecosita, and it was inspired by her own mother’s courage, hard work, and generosity to others.

Since 1993, Diana has worked as a nanny and certified baby nurse. She loves to read to children and hopes the questions at the end of her books will help young readers and caregivers reflect on big questions and bond through conversation. She lives in New York.


Diana J Zambrano
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