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Dream, Shaman, Inspirational, Romance, Motorcycles, Road trip, Hot rod

BlackTop Desert
Saga 1
by Terry Murphy

Surrender your conscious understanding of 'what is.' Ride along with this rolling flash of thoughts in the subconscious 'what could be.' Weave into the journey with this clandestine couple on their shapeshifting rediscovery as sights, sounds, smells, love and laughter eject them across the Blacktop Desert. Zeb and Zela capture passion when they vow to each other 'look for adventure in whatever comes our way.'

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Terry Murphy was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. His influences from childhood were motorcycles, hotrods and the art of mechanical creations. Terry's father was a WWII vet, biker, mechanic, welder, machinist and mentor. Terry was always surrounded by the brotherhood that comes with the show respect - get respect, you broke it - you fix it pledge. Winner of many custom bike, hotrod and steampunk competitions, Terry is known as "Murf-Punk" by some and "T El Loco" by all.


Terry Murphy
Chad Murphy
Krystal McMaster

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