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Two Cats, a Mermaid and the Disappearing Moon cover

Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

cats, full moon, phases of the moon, mermaid, owls, curiosity, mystery, eclipse

Two Cats, a Mermaid and the Disappearing Moon
by Pamela K. Knudsen

Topper and Lexington are curious cats, but they’ve always obeyed their mother’s one rule: never leave the yard. But when the full moon vanishes from the night sky, leaving behind something strange and red in its place, Topper and Lexington leave the safety of their yard to find the missing moon somewhere in the dark.

Wonderful creatures exist outside their yard, including owls, dolphins, and even mermaids, but scary creatures are out there, too.

Can Topper and Lexington find the missing moon—and their way back home?

Pamela Knudsen’s short stories and essays have been featured in several publications including the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, and The Maine Review. She enjoys hiking in nearby canyons, volunteering at the local cat sanctuary, and moon-gazing. Pamela lives in Laguna Beach, California, with her cat, Samantha Jo. Visit her online at


Pamela K. Knudsen
Patricia and Robin DeWitt

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