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  • Stealing the Lead


    Morgan’s dream is to graduate high school and attend an elite dance school. After winning one national championship, that goal seems within reach. But when her dance partner moves away, Morgan loses all hope. Where will she find someone tall enough, ...

  • Daniel: Investing in Family


    Read this book, because Daniel: Investing in Family contains information and guidance that is important to you in your own life. Family is Daniel’s focus but there are many interesting characters. We all wake up with our own problems. Often a ...

  • Daniel: Picking Up the Pieces


    The 1929 stock market crash has come and gone, and Daniel, much criticized and mocked for his predictions of that event, has been vindicated. Now he wants to go back to the carefree days of being a boy, but it's impossible. When his bank hires a ...

  • It's How We Survive

    The Tale of an American Dreamer by

    Twelve-year-old Lucia Sanchez has faced prejudice and challenges as an American Dreamer ever since she arrived in the United States at the age of five. Yet, with the help of a school friend and a wise and caring teacher, Lucia not only survives but ...

  • A Shattered New Start


    Jonathan Winters doesn’t know it yet, but he is about to have an unimaginable school year. Not only is it his first day in an unfamiliar school, but he encounters Ryan, Rabbit Hill Academy’s notorious bully. His life is never the same after that. ...

  • So Why Is The Sky Blue?


    When substitute teacher Shaneen Wynelle is suddenly offered a full-time teaching position for the balance of the school year, she can't help but wonder. However, upon meeting her class of 'incorrigibles' she quickly realizes that she has been thrown ...