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What the F*ck's For Dinner
Because I Am Hungover AF
by Jennifer Schafer

How do you cope with the “day after” of regret that’s left your head feeling like someone dropped an anvil on it? Do you wonder how you passed out without your pants on (again)?

We’ve all been there, regretting that extra glass (okay, bottle) of rosé or thinking that chasing beer with a few cocktails will be just fine. Cue the inevitable hangover and its sidekick: binge eating to soak up the alcohol, replacing it with grease, salt, calories, and a dose of “I promise to never drink again.”

In What the Fuck’s for Dinner? Because I’m Hungover AF, Jennifer Schafer has put her experience in over-indulging to excellent use, identifying five levels of “hungness” as she calls it, and cures in the way of pre-planned, healthy-ish (or healthier) recipes that form the pages of this irreverent cookbook designed for post-drinking healing.

Schafer, who wants to help people feel better when they’re at their worst, serves up wit, wisdom, and tough love with homemade cures like Chicken Tendies & Poutine (an indulgence, she admits), vegan-friendly recipes such as the Tofu Rice Bowl, alongside stoner indulgences (another “level” in the book), including PB Banana Bites, and Nachos Libre.

Jennifer Schafer is a wedding planner who describes her career as “her life.” She enjoys working with couples deeply in love and turning rooms into masterpieces to help them celebrate their big day. Schafer also enjoys spending her weekends in the city with her bestie, cozying up with her husband on the couch while reading a good book and of course, drinking wine and binging Bravo.

Jennifer Schafer lives in Sechelt, British Columbia, with her husband, Leland, their two-year-old daughter, London, and their 13-year-old Pomeranian named Kokanee (yes, like the beer).


Jennifer Schafer

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