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  • What the F*ck's For Dinner

    Because I Am Hungover AF by

    How do you cope with the “day after” of regret that’s left your head feeling like someone dropped an anvil on it? Do you wonder how you passed out without your pants on (again)? We’ve all been there, regretting that extra glass (okay, bottle) of ...

  • Chef Eats

    Recipes and Techniques by

    There is something so satisfying about cooking from scratch, especially making staples like mustard, hot sauce, and smoked bacon elevated by the subtle sweetness of maple syrup. Or exploring unconventional ingredients, whether decadent wagyu ...

  • The Petite Palate Collection

    Memoir and Recipes from the Kitchen of S. Jane Parker by

    Before the word “foodie” ever entered the lexicon, Sara Jane Parker was ahead of the curve, crafting dishes like avocado toast and putting curry into seafood salad. The Petite Palate Collection: Memoir and Recipes from the Kitchen of S. Jane Parker ...

  • River Entertaining

    Food and Drink Ideas for Boaters In the Thousand Islands by

    Boaters enjoy the simple life, the simpler the better! That’s why I wanted to collect very easy food and drink ideas for entertaining on your boat, with minimal ingredients and preparation. Spend more time with your “mates”!!!!

  • A Wise Old Girl's Own Almanac

    Memoirs, Fiction, Essays, Recipes and Poetry by

    Joyce Harries’ gently humorous collection of memoirs, fiction, essays, recipes and poems will make you think about your past, present and future with smiles and hope. Joyce gives us glimpses of her Western Canadian childhood in the 1930s, her love ...