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The Dragon Hunters' Secret
by David G. Kirkcaldy

How can you kill a dragon?

For the initiation into their tribe dwarves must complete a journey to the land of their ancestors. Here they must kill a dragon and return with its heart. The precious oil extracted from the heart is the rare commodity that sustains their impoverished tribe.

Dragons are huge, indestructible, breathe fire, and are said to be magical. How can their tiny weapons prevail? They will learn the astounding answer. And, they will also learn there are other perils than mere dragons.

The author had his love of writing rekindled by Business Administration courses on Communication. This led him to join other creative writing resources. His fondness for short story writing found a place in the Toastmasters organization. He has been writing award winning speeches and presentations ever since. As a long-time fan of the sword and fantasy genre, he has written a novel that can be enjoyed by all ages.


David G. Kirkcaldy

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