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  • 32 pages
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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Baby dragon, Dragon learns to fly, Dragon egg, Positive attitude, Perseverance for children, believing in yourself, family

Lil Dragon
by Stan Hildebrand

Lil Dragon was a very small dragon with blue eyes and green scales. Her mother and father loved her very much, and cared for her as she grew to be healthy, but she did not get very big. One day, Father Dragon began to teach her to fly. Lil Dragon tried and tried, but she could not fly. She fell over and over again.

Every time she fell, Father Dragon said, “Try again, Lil Dragon try again!” Mother Dragon cheered her on.

Lil Dragon knows she must not give up.

Will she ever learn to fly?

Stan Hildebrand has worked in the print industry for over 35 years. He was inspired by his grandchildren to write this book. Stan lives Altona, Manitoba, with his wife Carol and their cat Milo.

The Illustrators:

The illustrations were created by my daughter and son in law.

A big thank you goes to Ben and Wendy Wall, I love the work you did for me.


Stan Hildebrand
Wendy Wall

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