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Avalon, Druid, Roman invasion, Merlin, destiny, lady of Avalon, Celtic love story

The Alchemy of Avalon
by Jenna Paulden



Enter an enchanted world of Song, Ceremony, and reverence for the Earth’s seasonal cycles. The Tribes of Albion honor their wise Druid advisors, their prophetic Healers and Seers, and their divinely inspired Bards. In this culture, women stand as respected equals with men. Cerridwen is born into this world in 43 CE, on the small Island of Ynys Môn, home of a famed Druid College.

When she reaches womanhood, her Druid parents send her to study at the Mystery School on the sacred Isle of Avalon. Here, a student must undergo years of challenging initiations in order to move beyond academic knowledge and become an enlightened Knower. Cerridwen thrives in Avalon under the tutelage of the Merlin and the Lady of Avalon.

Then she meets Marcus, a Roman soldier her own age, and her world turns upside down. The young lovers personally experience the painful clash between Empire expansion and the Earth-based spirituality of the ancient Druid Way.

The Alchemy of Avalon is a poignant, believable love story and an awakening reminder of the Old Wisdom. It shines as an ode to life-affirming ritual and the deep alchemy of Soul evolution.

“If you loved The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, this tale of Avalon

in the first half of the 1st Century CE will utterly absorb you. It takes place in a

time just before the Mists were cast and it deftly paints a picture of the Avalon

Mystery School guided by the Lady of Avalon and a male Druid, the Merlin. Jenna

Paulden’s imaginative historical novel truly enchants the reader in a magical spell.

It was hard to put down.”

—Jenny Bird,


Musician for Gregg Braden retreats

“Riveting and mesmerizing! I couldn’t bear for it to end, and I look forward to

the sequel. In this deftly woven tale, Jenna Paulden evokes a passionate love story

grounded in vivid historical detail, and galvanized by a timeless wisdom that feels

more relevant and urgent now than ever. Highly recommended."

—Mirabai Starr

Teacher and Author of Wild Mercy,

Caravan of No Despair and other acclaimed works

“The Alchemy of Avalon slipped into my mind and soul like cool spring water,

nourishing my roots. This book is historical fiction at its best: masterfully

researched world-building that seamlessly taught me about a time period through

the lives of characters I couldn’t help but love. I wanted to stay in the deeply

profound world of Avalon long after I’d finished reading, so that I could continue

along Cerridwen’s journey to womanhood. I promise—this story will move you

in the most surprising ways.”

—Sarah Pyatt,

BA Sarah Lawrence University,

Film Producer’s Assistant,

Goodreads user and young Pagan

Jenna Paulden photo

Jenna Paulden is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. She has a B.A. in Theatre and Dramatic Literature from Grinnell College. She’s a retired Waldorf/Steiner school educator and music teacher, a life-long mystic, a singer and a co-creative gardener. She and her husband love walking mountains and coastal paths. They live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Taos, New Mexico.


Jenna Paulden

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