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The 10 People You Meet In Business
Sage Vignettes for Success in Life and Business
by Milan Topolovec

Who do business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals learn from? The movers and shakers who’ve successfully charted the same waters. Author Milan Topolovec introduces such pioneers in The 10 People You Meet in Business, his compilation of like-minded innovators and leaders who’ve contributed personal anecdotes of building, owning, and running businesses. When Topolovec started his company, he had no mentors; now, in this book, he provides them to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Ten colleagues, collaborators, and close friends narrate their challenges and accomplishments as prominent Canadian entrepreneurs—from the visionary director of an esteemed college to the chief financial officer of an international communications conglomerate. Every story is a chapter that delves into what it takes to be a business leader through trials and tribulations to triumph, offering practical take-aways and inspiration.

For up-and-coming innovators, current business owners looking for fresh inspiration, and anyone in search of guidance, The 10 People You Meet in Business is a chronicle of self-made, engaging entrepreneurs. Topolovec says the key is being surrounded with the right people—gathered here.

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An immigrant and orphan, Milan Topolovec founded the company Inner Orbis to help other entrepreneurs and professionals with a “family office” that provides estate planning, business planning, and financial planning. Known for his drive, dedication, and interpersonal approach, Topolovec has more than 40 years of experience and connections as a renowned and trusted business advisor.

Upon graduating from the University of Ottawa, he was drafted into the Canadian Football League and has since coached various community sports, as well as shared his business acumen. He’s the author of Beyond the Tipping Point, which shows how to build mutually beneficial relationships for all stakeholders, and has written numerous published business articles.


Milan Topolovec

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