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Aliens, First Contact, Alien contact, Equality, Science fiction, Utopian science fiction, Social justice

Green's Discovery 2
Creating a Fair and Just Society
by R.W. Karp

As a follow-up to Green’s Discovery, this sequel, Green’s Discovery 2, Creating a Fair & Just

Society, deals with the fact that the time has come for us to complete the work started in Green’s Discovery and for our world to establish a fair and just society, and subsequently to make first contact with another civilization.

After more than a decade working with the ‘visitors’ Sydney Green had to face many challenges adapting to his role as the visitor’s ambassador, and having to deal with the special powers they gave him. After all of this time he knew that his participation in the process of transforming the world wasn’t complete as the visitors discussed with him that it was now time for the final steps to be implemented in order to prepare our world for the future.

To Green’s surprise the visitors invite him into their environment so they could show him who and what they are. They knew they had to put things into perspective for Green so he would understand why they were paying so much attention to the little blue planet, and why they needed him to represent them. As well, and in response to one of Green’s questions, the visitors explain what the Big Bang Theory really was, and our place in the universe. 

To put it mildly Green is stunned by what he hears and experiences during that visit. 

This is the story of how the visitors work with Green, and many others, to help us make the necessary changes to our social, political, and economic paradigms, what those changes are, and how we take control of our future, and our world. This is the story of how we create a fair and just society for all humankind; and by doing so pave the way to meet with other more advanced worlds. And finally, this is the story of how we actually make first contact with another world, and what that experience is like.

Green Meets the Visitors-The Protectors of the Universe

Our First Contact With Another World

R.W. Karp photo

Rick Karp, relying on his experiences as a teacher for 14 years, being in business for more than 30 years, as an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, and being involved in the NGO community, has experienced and witnessed many social, economic, and political issues. Because of that, and with the current state of affairs in our world, he feels that the time is right for change – that this is our legacy.

How this happens is at the core of this book’s story.


R.W. Karp
J.E. Corbett

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