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Poetry Collection, Poems about love, Poems about loss, Poems about grief, Poems about self-worth, Poems about acceptance, Insightful poetry

Discombobulated Constellations
A poetic journey to illumination
by Briana Lenzi

In every person’s life, there will be times of both darkness and light. With insight born of personal experience, and a sincerity that resonates strongly with undeniable emotional truth, this collection of incredibly personal poetry delves into both the shadows and radiance of the human experience, inspiring its readers to find strength and empowerment in life’s polarity, embracing both the laughter and the tears as catalysts for personal growth.

A poetry collection that touches the seat of the soul and those deep feelings that we all share but are so often neglected or avoided, Discombobulated Constellations serves as a reminder that all feelings and experiences should be welcomed within us and that none of us are truly alone in the darkness.

Writing has been a passion for Briana ever since she was a small child, getting her first “official” nod for poetry skills on a grade-four report card. She’s been capturing her thoughts and feelings in verse ever since, often finding herself mentally narrating her own life in poetic form. After a particularly tumultuous chapter of life, she came to the realization that the crumbling of everything she knew was leading her to her own power—to her bravery and vulnerability, and to the place inside herself that could still stand in the face of tragedy and challenge. This collection of poems was born of that realization and the emotional rollercoaster that led her to it.

When Briana isn’t writing, she enjoys painting and assisting in a variety of activities that encourage presence and connection. She currently lives in Cambridge, Ontario, with her two sons and their faithful dog, Rutabaga.

“Feeling deeply is a gift of human experience … and a really beautiful one.”


Briana Lenzi

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