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  • Keywords
    • Theodore Roosevelt,
    • American West,
    • American frontier,
    • Badlands of Dakota,
    • Dakota Territory,
    • American cowboys,
    • Frontier lawmakers

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Incident at Devil's Drop
by William R. Herod

In 1884, a wealthy Montana Cattle Baron watches as a predator of unknown origin starts decimating his herd. However, the killings, while savage in nature don’t correspond with any known assailant. When the clandestine entity raises the ante by targeting and killing ranch hands, the ranch owner can no longer stand by idly. Three men with diametrically different dispositions are destined by fate to join forces to track down, capture or kill the rampaging killer. Included amongst the intrepid threesome are Marshal Sam McCord, who is heading the expedition, a brave but flawed individual plagued by past demons. Bauman, a taciturn trapper, and social outcast who inadvertently sets the wheels in motion. The final member of the trio and its most well-known participant is a young Theodore Roosevelt, the future 26th president of the United States. The search for the perpetrator takes the three men on an arduous and perilous pilgrimage. They eventually arrive at the designed destination only to find Bauman’s base camp destroyed. Quickly, they ascertain that the perpetrator initially believed to be an animal may be something else entirely. It’s watching, evaluating, but worst of all, it appears to be toying with them. Showing remarkable restraint, the bloodthirsty menace seems content coordinating a lethal game of a cat and mouse. It isn’t long before Roosevelt and his compadres find themselves the hunted. Can they kill the fiend responsible, or will they succumb to the same fate as the cattle? Incident at Devil’s Drop details a gripping alternative historical account related by Theodore Roosevelt. It’s a rousing tale of bravery and sacrifice in its depiction of a bizarre and lethal encounter inside the Bitterroot Mountains.

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Storytelling and writing have remained an integral part of Bill’s makeup. Over time he’s dabbled in various mediums from scripts, and short stories to poetry. The genre that best exemplifies Bill’s unique imagination rests in the realm of psychological mystery, suspense, and horror. Incident at Devil’s Drop is Bill’s first novel inspired by “The Bauman Story” an obscure tale penned by Theodore Roosevelt in 1893. It tells the tale of a trapper named Bauman who along with his trapping partner encounter a bigfoot-like creature, which eventually attacks and murders Bauman’s partner.


William R. Herod

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