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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Dragons, Fantasy, Adventure, Princesses, Wizards, Fairy tale, Conquering dragons

Sara, Nicholas and the Last Dragon
by Kathleen Murphy McIlroy

Sara is used to being known as the shy one. She’s used to being bullied at school. But when she’s sick with the flu one day and drifts off to sleep, she dreams of a world where she is a gutsy and assertive princess who can do anything she sets her mind to. In her dream, Princess Sara disobeys her uncle’s wishes and leaves to help Nicholas, a knight who has been tasked with conquering a dragon that is terrorizing the kingdom.

Together, the two heroes brave many dangerous challenges and encounter multiple obstacles, with the help of their friendship and the advice of a wise wizard. But when Sara wakes up, will she be able to carry her newfound confidence back into her real life?

Kathleen Murphy McIlroy photo

Kathleen Murphy McIlroy has always been interested in language and the definition of words. As a child, she was an avid reader, looking up words she didn’t understand in the dictionary. She continued to read to her own children every night before bed. Kathleen wrote this story after searching for classic tales of adventures, castles, and dragons for her children.

Kathleen lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she continues to enjoy fantastic tales about characters who overcome the odds (and maybe slay a dragon or two along the way).


Kathleen Murphy McIlroy

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