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Historical Fiction, Great Depression Fiction, Canadian Fiction, Prairie Novels, Women's Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, Own Voices Fiction

A Seven Year Ache
by Fisher Lavell

Rosie Kelvey is a spirited and willful prairie woman of the early twentieth century whose ache to pursue her own desires goes against the harsh and limiting moral landscape of her time. She has what the neighbours teasingly call “two men on her hook”: an older, passive husband and a virile, young lover. But life is perilous for those who are poor and female and, undeterred by the misfortunes that befall her wayward sisters, Rosie is inexorably drawn to an all-consuming flame.

Through Rosie’s eyes and in her fresh, lusty voice, Fisher Lavell explores themes of poverty, loss, and upheaval. Based closely on the hardscrabble lives of the author’s errant aunties, A Seven Year Ache paints their tragedies, heartaches, and passions on a large and vibrant Prairie canvas.

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Fisher Lavell is a working-class writer. Born to generations of rural poor, she was blessed with a trove of untamed stories and the stubborn will to tell them. With two large dogs, she lives in Swan River, Manitoba, in the house her father built with his own hands.


Fisher Lavell

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