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Murder, Questionable death, Kidnapping, Mistaken identity, Mystery, Crime, Small town crime

What Happened Next Changed Many Lives
by Lenora Klappe

High school sweethearts Brad Andrews and Monika Johnson are about to have a baby. On top of planning for their graduation ceremony, they must now plan a wedding and prepare for a child. They both had university scholarships but have given them up to take over the Andrews family business. It’s not the life they dreamed of, but it’s one they can be happy with.

Five years later, Monika is found dead, and her young son is missing. While the town has suspicions about Brad, the police have no evidence to suggest foul play was involved. As the small town grapples with this tragedy, they must also process another: a car crash that leaves a young mother without her husband and son. After recovering from her injuries and a strange encounter with the owner of a local auto wreckage business, the woman leaves Deer Lake and never looks back. She has made a decision that has given her a new life.

Lenora Klappe is a former teacher of students with special need. She writes stories for her local hiking and flying clubs and has been published more than twenty times in magazines and local newspapers. She enjoys hiking, cycling, travelling. Lenora currently lives in Penticton BC.


Lenora Klappe

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