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I Hate My Job
The Cure For The 9- 5 Syndrome
by William Nippard

On average, we spend one third of our lives working. And yet, more than four out of five people hate their jobs. Sure, a job pays the bills, but why can’t it also be fulfilling? Does a job need to be engaging enough, pay enough, or come with enough power in order to bring joy? In I Hate My Job, William Nippard shines a light on the limiting beliefs that hold many workers back from finding happiness in their day-to-day jobs. Nippard presents practical, easy-to-understand, research-based steps and strategies that will help readers find satisfaction in their job and to once again take control of their happiness, no matter the position or the job. While other books and speakers focus on how employers and managers can improve teamwork and motivate their workforces, I Hate My Job has been written primarily for the employee. Nippard addresses many of the questions workers ask themselves, such as: “How can my work be energizing and fulfilling?” “What does meaningful work/life balance look like?” “How can I bring about positive change at my job without being in a managerial role?” “How can I know if changing jobs will make me happier at work?” and “What can I do to be happy at work?”

"Job dissatisfaction is a debilitating problem. Yet, too many people suffer needlessly thinking, "work is supposed to suck." William Nippard shows you why this is just not true! In I Hate My Job, he exposes what obstructs happiness at work and provides clear direction and practical strategies to bring joy to any job. If you desire more happiness at your workplace, this book is for you." —Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable "I Hate My Job kept me riveted on every page! It takes a research-based approach that leaves the reader feeling hopeful and empowered to be the agent of change! William joins the ranks of outstanding authors who have had the courage and shown the authenticity to face one of today’s most important topics. From mindset to mistaken beliefs, to discovering our power as employees and entrepreneurs, to exploring toxic leaders and having fun at work, William’s passion to help others is evident. You will enjoy his energy, his passion, and his practical approach to many of the workplace’s most common challenges." —Abe Brown, MBA, M.R.Ed/C, CCP, CMCP Founder, Flourishing Workplace

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William Nippard has spent his life studying happiness and leadership. Once unsatisfied with his own job, Nippard set out to learn if it was possible to find joy in every day at work. Now, twenty years later, he presents his findings on how we can find fulfilment in our jobs, how we can cure ourselves from “The Nine to Five Syndrome,” and how to get to the root of the question: “Why do I hate my job so much?”


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