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waste management, landfill, recycling, green technology, climate action, sustainability, environment

Ayesha It's Not A Dump!
by Mary G. Desmond

Uh oh: Ayesha’s dad isn’t happy about her school trip to a waste management facility. As her dad says, “It’s a dump!”

But Ayesha isn’t convinced that a waste management facility is a “dump.” In fact, she’s eager to learn all she can!

Join Ayesha on her tour and learn what really happens to garbage. This entertaining and educational story explains recycling, composting, gas capture, and more. Ayesha might be right after all… it’s not a dump!

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A retired nurse and author of Good Morning, Mr. Charlie, Mary G. Desmond is serving as District 2 Councillor for the Municipality of the District of Guysborough, sitting on the Waste Management Liaison Committee. She lives in the African Canadian rural community of Upper Big Tracadie, Nova Scotia. Coming from a large family of twenty-two siblings, she has three grown children and four wonderful grandchildren.


Mary G. Desmond
Ada Walman

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