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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Lost lamb, Family farm, Farm in winter, Rescued lamb, Christian values for kids, Frosty, Caring for lambs

Frosty the Lamb
by Jessica Tonn

Frosty the lamb was born on a bitterly cold winter night. He is curious and restless, and as soon as he is able, he begins to explore. He finds a hole in the barn wall and slips through the hole and into the freezing cold night. The snow is up to his belly and he soon becomes lost. He is cold, tired, and miserable. He misses his mother. Will anyone find Frosty?

This book explores the idea of boundaries and the consequences of ignoring those boundaries. Children are encouraged to identify boundaries that are meant to keep them safe, and to use the story of Frosty to help them remember the reasons for respecting boundaries.

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Jessica Tonn grew up on a farm in Quebec. She currently lives in Prince George with her husband, her dog, and her horses. This is her second book.


Jessica Tonn
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