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Domestic abuse, Northern B.C., Rural life, Starting over, Mid-20th century, Women, Alcoholism

Too Soon Old
Too Late Smart
by Bev Christensen

Now in her nineties, a woman reflects on the seminal decision she made, to flee an abusive husband in Vancouver and take her little boy to live with her on the remote, northern farm that her late parents had created from the wilderness. As she adjusts to the harsher rural life, she finds deep reserves of strength and tenacity and discovers how her rural friends and neighbors support each other’s survival in their wild and often treacherous surroundings. And she even begins to find love again…that is, until her raging husband tracks her down and she’s faced with an escalating danger. With beautiful, sensory writing and a deft sense of humour and adventure, author Bev Christensen vividly evokes the world of rural life in northern B.C. in the 1950s and presents a compelling heroine with indomitable pioneer spirit in her DNA.

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Having lived and worked in northern BC for more than seventy years, in her creation of Too Soon Old, Bev Christensen is writing about what she knows. Bev was a reporter for a daily newspaper in Prince George, BC for more than twenty-three years and she is the author or co-author of several other books including: Prince George Rivers, Railways and Timber, Grab the Devil's Tail, as well as Too Good To Be True, which was shortlisted for the Huber Evans Non-Fiction B.C. Book Prize. Although Too Soon Old is a fictional account, she intends it as a tribute to those hard-working, community-minded pioneers who peopled much of her life and many of her memories. Bev now lives in Victoria, BC near her youngest daughter.


Bev Christensen

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