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Family history, ancestry, Leicestershire, Stathern, Memoir, Origin stories, Family tree

Tales of Their Lives
by Daphne Field

The family biographies I have written are the stories of my ancestors, our ancestors: How they lived; how they struggled, being surrounded by their families, their social history, and geography until their eventual death. Some died prematurely while others lived long, long lives. The stories are wrapped around photographs and pictures which bring the text to life. Names, dates, and places are factual. I have, however, taken liberties to add conversations as I imagined they would have. This book is incomplete because inevitably we will discover more facts and insights.

My legacy to you: Stuart, Lesley, Darien, and including Avery, and Kelsey.

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I have been called by our ancestors to put flesh on their bones and make them come alive again. In doing so, we connect the dots from memories, records, rumours and reputations to tell the family story. I began this research about ten years ago and then searched for an interesting way to present our story. Then in the year 2020, COVID provided me with the time to talk, listen, read and focus. And finally to write.


Daphne Field

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