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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Ismaili Muslim, Cooking together, Family kitchen, Muslim family, Jamatkhana, Family recipes, Children’s fiction

Nanima's and Nanabapa's Kitchen
by Fauzya Alarakhiya

An Ismaili children’s story that captures the traditional role of family, faith, food and fun.

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to visit Nanima and Nanabapa! Hooray! The children are always happy to visit their grandparents. There’s so much good food to eat: samosas, mogo, biryani, kokotende, thepla, and even mandazi!

As the children cook with their grandparents, Nanima and Nanabapa teach them about more than just the ingredients needed to make a delicious meal: they also learn how to live a life of faith. Why is attending Jamatkhana so important? How do we follow Sirat al-Mustaqeem? What does it mean to have iman? Together, Nanima and Nanabapa help the children uncover the answers to these questions—and more!

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Fauzya Alarakhiya is an Ismaili mother of triplets and a high school English and creative writing teacher. Faith and family are of utmost importance to Fauzya, who spends her spare time with friends and family, going for walks outdoors and bringing loved ones together through shared recipes and

traditional foods.

Fauzya lives with her husband and their teenagers, Soori, Kira, and Jacob. They live in Toronto, Canada with their dog, Maple River (who is featured in one of the illustrations in the book). Readers can connect with Fauzya on Instagram @raisingwords. Nanima and Nanabapa’s Kitchen is her first book. A portion of all book sales will be donated to the Aga Khan Foundation.


Fauzya Alarakhiya
Emma Little

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