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cosmology, belief systems, human equality, pantheism, faith, human family, science and technology

A New Hope for Humanity
by Yoda Oraiah

Standing on the riches of humanity’s holy books and traditions, drawing on our wealth of scientific and technological knowledge, and injecting his own creativity and humour, Yoda Oraiah presents his readers with a potential new religion—Cosmism. Cosmism: A New Hope for Humanity is a thorough exploration of human belief and creed through history, accompanied by an exhaustive detailing of a new way, a new understanding, and an inspired approach to life.

Cosmism is a Space Age philosophical model and belief system that is built upon the aspects of intelligence and consciousness present in the universe. It sees the entire Cosmos as God and humans as part and parcel of this great orderly system we seem to live in. Cosmists believe that since we are part of this Cosmos, we have the capacity to influence its life and evolution, and our relationship with this greatest system is something important to recognize and cherish in our lives.

Hard-hitting, thought-provoking, and entertaining, Cosmism: A New Hope for Humanity will challenge readers to explore their place in the Cosmos and their relationship with its other inhabitants.

Yoda Oraiah has a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from one of the eminent universities in Canada. He has worked in the military and medical field for over seven years and has “a knack” for keeping up to date with major advancements in many scientific disciplines and technologies. A prolific reader with a thirst for learning, Mr. Oraiah is often engaged in reading books or listening to TED Talks.

In his first book, he has brought over three years of research together in this highly original, humorous, and rousing work. His other interests include music, travelling, and socializing with loved ones.


Yoda Oraiah

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