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British Columbia, Friendship, TRIUMF, Battery, Science, Middle School, Indigenous Culture

Trapped at TRIUMF
by Sandra Price-Hosie

On her first day at a new middle school in Vancouver, Cindy makes friends with her lab partners: Peter, Lincoln, Katy, and Ali. They quickly bond over their shared love of science and form a secret club, the Thunderbirds, named for Cindy’s Indigenous heritage. Then, a mishap with their science experiment causes an explosion in the school lab, and the group gets suspended for a month!

Faced with an abundance of free time, the new friends spend their evenings camping out in the woods near the TRIUMF science centre. One night, they overhear thieves plotting to steal TRIUMF’s extremely powerful atomic battery. Suddenly, these science nerds must use all the tools in their arsenal to stop the threat! With the help of a trusted RCMP ally, the Thunderbirds race to save the day. But will they catch the bandits in time?

TRAPPED AT TRIUMF is an exciting story about friendship, culture, and community. During their adventures, Cindy and her friends must develop the courage to be different, the strength to be independent, and the verve to be adventurous. As they learn to try new things, they understand the importance of doing the right thing. Most of all, they learn that bunch of science nerds can triumph over evil!

Over the course of her career, Sandra Price-Hosie has worked as a journalist, a journalism instructor, and an English teacher working with immigrants and refugees. For the last three years, she has thoroughly enjoyed teaching primary school. She has written several books about ESL training, translation, and education.

TRAPPED AT TRIUMF is her first novel. Sandra and her husband, Jorgen Johansen, live on the

University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver, BC. They are proud parents and grandparents, and their multicultural family is reflected in Sandra’s diverse cast of characters.


Sandra Price-Hosie

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