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Universal laws, Eternal life, Spirit realm, Reincarnation, Historical Jesus, Channeling, Human unity

They Call Me Jesus
A Name That Was Never Mine
by Ulla Jacobs

Over 2000 years ago, a man they call Jesus walked upon the earth. 300 years later the church adopted some of his teachings and he became their icon.

What if the story was not as it has been presented?

Would you want to know?

Join me as we examine the teachings of Jeshua ben Josef as they pertain to the principles of universal law, bringing self-empowerment for all.

"Put me on a pedestal and you do not understand the message I bring."

Jeshua ben Josef

Let's shake it up!

Ulla Jacobs has been a researcher for over forty-five years. Her areas of study include spirituality, reincarnation, theosophy, astrology, alternative healing modalities, and healthy cooking. She received some of the information for this book from Rhabbouni, an integral participant in the journey of Jeshua. Some of the information was a surprise and explosive! As a writer, she has contributed articles to the Sedona Journal and Islands Gals Magazine, as well as some online publications.

Ulla lives on Vancouver Island with her husband of fifty-one years. They enjoy gardening, cycling, sailing, hiking, and reading. They support a healthy lifestyle for themselves and for the planet. She is also the author of Hidden Laws- Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation.


Ulla Jacobs

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