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  • 40 pages
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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Children’s picture book, ADA SCID, Immune disease, Child safety, Resilience, Imagination, Safe play

Do you know what a Bubble Boy is? Most people don’t!

Come join Jakob and his loyal buddy Buvo as they stretch their imaginations on dirty Friday. Follow them on their adventures where monkeys sing fruit songs, and the ocean holds surprises.

Beautifully illustrated, In My Magical Bubble is a meaningful gift that shares the story of a Bubble Boy, his condition, and his will to keep fighting for his life.

Love, courage, and dreams are the foundation; where people of all ages will learn more about ‘The Bubble Boy condition’, and there just might be a cleanliness reminder or two thrown in!

“An energetic, encouraging tale that highlights the power of the imagination in challenging circumstances."

—Kirkus Reviews

Debut author PAOLA ANDREA FERNÁNDEZ DE SOTO ABDULRAHIN is a screening officer by day and a blogger by night. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Communication from Autónoma de Occidente University. In addition to working on her son´s blog and being a dedicated mother, she is also fighting her personal battle with cancer. Born in Colombia, and now living in Canada, Paola is a lover of naps, music, and all types of projects.

LUZ ADRIANA MAÑOZCA is a designer and illustrator for brands, packaging, web, and editorial projects. She finds inspiration on the streets of New York City, her new home. Ever since she was little, Luz’s father read and illustrated children's books in their family home, which generated Luz’s special interest in drawing. She studied graphic design and illustration for children's literature in Colombia, where she was born and raised. For more of Luz’s work, visit and follow her on social media @lamodraws.


Paola Andrea Fernández de Soto AbdulRahin
Luz Adriana Mañozca

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