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Adventure story, Morse code, Pirates, French foreign legion, Lighthouse keeper, Treasure island

Calling All Stations
by Gilles Messier

The Great War is over, but twelve-year-old Edward Hawkins's war has just begun. Imprisoned on a remote Scottish lighthouse by his veteran father, his only windows to the world a wireless set and a tattered copy of Treasure Island, he dreams of escaping to a life of adventure on the high seas.

But one day a mysterious radio signal launches Edward on a harrowing odyssey that takes him from the bleak shores of Scotland to the deserts of Morocco during the brutal Rif War - a treacherous world of rogues and bandits that takes all his cunning and courage to survive.

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Gilles Messier is a former mechanical engineer and current scriptwriter for the YouTube channel Today I Found Out. When not writing, he produces videos on the history of technology for his own channel Our Own Devices, restores historic aircraft, and designs 1920s/1930s Art Deco posters. Calling All Stations is his first novel and the first of a planned 4-part series. Gilles lives in Winnipeg with his two cats.


Gilles Messier

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