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Poetry, Poetry collection, New age, Reflections, Subconscious, Muse, Spirituality

Volume Two: Petals
Then Came The Voice
by Louise Stefanía Decosse

There is a deeper reality at play than the current one most of us occupy and perceive, and the inner self has direct access to it through openness, insight, dreams, meditation, and attention. Through this delightfully eclectic collection of poems, one writer’s desire to understand, experience, and express the essence of life is revealed. Find within these pages the space to begin a journey of your own: the space to rest, to ask questions, to heal and to come alive. In the end, all remains a mystery. The exciting thing is to learn all we can and to explore.

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Louise is a child of the northern prairie and of the big blue sky. She wrote her first poems at the age of eight, and by the time she had reached her forties, she was passionately absorbed in writing, and composing music and songs. Louise is a multi-lingual retired teacher and traveler who has long been inspired by the beauty and the curiosities of our world, the nature of mind and consciousness, and the potential that lies within and beyond these. Since 2012, her exploration of consciousness has included attendance at a number of workshops at the Monroe Institute.

Louise lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with her husband, Stuart Capstick. Then Came the Voice, a collection in three volumes (Callings, Petals, and Wording), is her first publication.

“And one day, coming as we will from the future,

will we be honoured to meet ourselves?” - Louise Stefanía Decosse


Louise Stefanía Decosse

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