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Dolphins, Marine Life, Animal Rescue, Trapped in Ice, Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada, Community Effort

Dolly's Rescue
by Luanne J. Langdon

After a long winter in the Arctic Ocean, a small pod of white-beaked dolphins is headed south to warmer waters and their summer feeding ground. Following a school of herring, Dolly, the smallest dolphin, leads her pod along the coastline and into a small sheltered harbour. There, they feast and explore until the next day when it is time to leave and continue their journey. Something, however, is terribly wrong! Will they ever make it back to the open ocean and away from the danger that surrounds them? The story is based upon the true event of a dolphin rescue in Newfoundland in March 2018.

Luanne Langdon has always been fascinated by the beauty of the natural world. The power and vastness of the ocean, in particular, inspires her. She is a retired teacher-librarian and lives beside the sea in eastern Newfoundland, Canada.

Don Harrison Short is a Toronto artscaper whose colourful portfolio of artmaking includes illustrations, murals, as well as graphic and fine art paintings. He has taught art privately and publicly, participated in numerous solo and group art exhibitions, and painted large murals in residential, commercial and public spaces.


Luanne J. Langdon
Don Harrison Short

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