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Family, Divorce, Baking, Metaphors, Healthy divorce, Children and parents, Understanding feelings

The Not Quite Right Cake
by Shereen Quraeshi

Sara and her children are baking three cakes-but these are no ordinary cakes. Sara has set up this baking time to help her explain to her children a very difficult subject: divorce. She gives each child the freedom to experiment with their cake. When they don’t quite follow the instructions, their cakes turn out differently than they expected.

Marriage is like a cake. It has a recipe, and if you don’t follow it, sometimes it doesn’t work out. It’s no one’s fault, but it does mean that it’s time to say goodbye to that not-quite-right cake.

As Sara and her children navigate this hard conversation, they teach the children reading along how to understand divorce in their own lives, what it means for their parents—and for them.

"With warmth, humour and simplicity, Shereen Quraeshi explains the complexities of marriage and divorce. Readers will think of the beautifully illustrated characters of Sara and her children every time they bake or taste a less than perfect cake."

—Minna Shulman, Montreal

Mother, Grandmother, Counselor and Dean of Students

"Sometimes in our lives, we make difficult decision that impact others, but we need to be true to ourselves. The Not Quite Right Cake brilliantly describes that a couple’s relationship can change over the years, but that their love for their children never goes away. It is important for adults of a family to navigate a changing relationship in a way that the children never lose sight of their love for them, and that while the recipe for a successful marriage doesn't always turn out perfectly, the recipe for loving their children is never fails."

—Judy Martin,

Former President, Batshaw Youth & Family Centre.

"Shereen's book provides readers with a gentle way to explain separation and divorce to children by using a metaphor that they can understand and relate to. Parents can be inspired by the insightful approach that explains that sometimes divorce is no one's fault, but is rather a mix of ingredients that don't work together. "

—Cassandra Fusco, MSW., McGill University

Shereen Quraeshi photo

Shereen Quraeshi was inspired to share how she first spoke to her children about her divorce. It is essential that a child has the freedom to love each parent, regardless of the challenges that the parents are facing, particularly with the insecurities that arise during a divorce.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Shereen is a mother of two, and a university graduate in sociology and economics. Her interests and activities lean towards wellbeing and ways to live an inspired life.


Shereen Quraeshi
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