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Turnaround Destinies 1933-34
by James Carlson Lake

The Great Depression is at its height and people must face a massively challenging environment. From the rich, middle class, to the poor, can the devastation of 1933 turn around? The Held family of Scott City, Indiana must adjust to the near collapse of the economy and society, while striving to help their towns people, as well as themselves. Can close friends of the Helds from service in World War I, like Egon Wolf and Charles Clisson, handle extraordinary, dangerous situations as far away as New York City, Paris and Germany? Train hopping hobos, bank robbing gangsters, spies and Nazis play starring roles, as the social milieu seems to spin out of control. Can the lives and spirits of the characters all survive the worst economic/sociological year the world had experienced? Follow the intrigue, thrilling action, telling choices, as fate plays its hand.

James Carlson Lake has been enthralled with history since childhood. He uses his love of the subject to place everyday people in varied historic periods, entangling them in real problems of the epoch. After growing up in a small town in northern Indiana, the author earned an undergraduate degree in history and doctorate in higher education administration. He worked for many years for universities as a Dean and Vice President, while teaching history and education part-time. His hobbies included authoring three novels, extensive travel in Europe, and a never-ending fascination with history and the people who commit it.


James Carlson Lake

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