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Intelligent rats, Life story, Adventure, Marriage and love, Chapter books, Early readers, Animal characters

The Adventures of Ruby Rat
by Jennifer K Anderson

Life can be hard when you’re little. Well, imagine what life is like when you’re one of the littlest of all! Ruby Rat may be tiny, but she doesn’t let her size stop her from having the very biggest adventures.

Ruby Rat lives in a cozy den under a beautiful castle, and loves the queen and wiseman who live there—even if they’re completely unaware of her existence! Ruby Rat doesn’t let that stop her. She knows how to make the most of her life. She makes friends, tells stories, and even falls in love. Join her as she navigates Christmas, Easter, and summer vacation—all while she tries to stay out of the claws of the castle cat.

Jennifer K. Anderson graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BA in English and an elementary school teaching degree. She grew up on a farm with her seven siblings, which instilled in her a life-long enjoyment of gardening, growing flowers, and watching wildlife. When her sister started complaining about the rats around her house, Jennifer imagined what the story might look like from the rats’ perspective. Since her father is blind and can no longer read for himself, she decided to write her stories down so that she could read them to him. And so Ruby Rat was born.

Jennifer lives in the countryside near Fort Fraser, B.C., with her sister and ancient father. She moved in after returning from Greece, where she had been living for the past twenty-eight years.


Jennifer K Anderson

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