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Blackout story, Power-grid disaster, Apocalyptic fiction, Electrical grid collapse, Pioneer living, Starting from scratch, Subsistence living

When Everything Falls Apart
Book Three: The Beginning
by Simon Heath

After a year without power, Toronto has changed. Brian, Karen, Robin and Grace make the return journey from their house in the country to see what's left of their former home. They find a devastated city struggling to get back on its feet. When Brian and Karen decide to help rebuild the infrastructure, they are sucked into a world that shakes them to the core. When Everything Falls Apart, Book Three: The Beginning is the final chapter in this family's epic journey to build a new future.

"An impressive achievement. Much more than a cautionary tale or a back-to-the-land parable, Simon Heath's trilogy of novels is foremost a warm, generous meditation on an abiding truth underpinning individual lives and societies alike. Always, there are challenges and upsets; always, love, family, and community sees us through the worst of it, and shows us the best."

—Charles Foran, author of Mordecai and Planet Lolita

"When Everything Falls Apart is a hyper-realistic account of ordinary people caught in a world without power, and a handbook for survival in an all-too-believable future. It's also a hell of a good read."

—Brent Preston, author of The New Farm: Our Ten Years on the Front Lines of the Good Food Revolution

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Simon Heath has split his career between the arts and the corporate sector. He has been an executive communications coach for over two decades, a role that has given him unique access to a variety of fields and industries, much of which makes its way into his writing. He spent twenty working as an actor, director, playwright and theatre producer in Toronto. After leaving the city, he has spent much of his time, writing, making pottery and running the Dunedin Literary Festival. He lives in Creemore with his family.


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