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cryptocurrency, money laundering, drug trafficking, police procedural, secret service agent, cybercrime mystery, Bellingham

Follow the Crypto
by Stephen W. King

After an earthquake rocks Bellingham, Washington, a building partially collapses and emergency personnel find what appears to be a money-laundering and illegal drug operation. Secret Service Special Agent Lucas Bitterman is called from San Francisco to investigate the discovery. Over the course of a week, Luke and DEA Special Agent Sara Donovan learn that the scheme is much bigger than they had thought. In fact, they have uncovered a major drug-trafficking operation spanning the West Coast, and the entire criminal enterprise is fueled with elaborate cryptocurrency transactions.

But as Luke learns more about the case and the people involved, he is bothered by several seeming inconsistencies and voids in the evidence collected. His efforts to resolve the case lead to a startling conclusion and serious questions about law enforcement’s ability to deal with cryptocurrency crimes and lingering reservations about the tension between enforcement of laws and administering justice.

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Stephen W. King is an author and retired university dean. During his academic career, he published several college textbooks and numerous research papers. In retirement, he turned to writing fiction, publishing All That Glisters Is Not Gold in 2020, introducing readers to Lucas Bitterman. Follow the Crypto grew out of Stephen’s interest in the evolving cryptocurrency phenomenon. Readers are once again invited to explore both technical and ethical issues of law enforcement and the administration of justice with Luke as their guide.

Stephen lives with his wife of fifty-four years in Chico, California.


Stephen W. King

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