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    • WW2 Europe,
    • WW2 based on true lives,
    • Love and suspense,
    • Historical Fiction 20th century,
    • Romance and Betrayal,
    • Poland WW2,
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Shades of Betrayal
by U. W. Baker

Shades of Betrayal follows the fortunes of a compelling cast of characters in Poland, Germany, France, and England. Starting in peacetime, the saga unfolds over the six-year nightmare that ensues after Hitler invades Poland. From the underground soldiers of the Home Army, who surreptitiously defy Hitler in Poland; to the fighters of the French Resistance; to the daring pilots of the RAF; to the dauntless women who engage on countless fronts, these complex people cling to their dreams and yearn for love in the midst of horror. But the evil forces arrayed against them warp their lives, break their hearts, and smash their hopes as one betrayal after the next mounts in all their lives, leading to the ultimate treachery of Poland’s delivery to Stalin’s dictatorship at the war’s end. Told from a shifting array of fascinating, disparate perspectives, Shades of Betrayal offers a unique view of World War II that deeply explores the personal impact of war and explores the power and beauty of the human spirit and its capacity for love, hope, and healing.

"This novel set during the outbreak of World War II chronicles the intersecting lives of people changed forever by the German invasion of Poland. In this ambitious novel, Baker's command of the historical period is impressive ... and the author offers many rich details." —Kirkus Reviews “Balancing action scenes with instances of reflection and historical overviews, the book’s three portions are tense. Even the book’s women ... are constructed in formidable terms. There are tender, romantic moments and beautiful glimpses of Europe’s countryside, too. In the probing historical novel Shades of Betrayal, men’s virtues are tested by the atrocities of WWII.” —Foreword Clarion Reviews ★★★★

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U.W. Baker left Poland for Canada in 1983, but never forgot her parents’ stories of wartime Poland. Much of Shades of Betrayal is based on real-life events involving her family, coupled with her meticulous research, particularly for lesser known historical facts. Ursula lives with her husband in Thornbury, Ontario.


U. W. Baker

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