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Poetry collection, Self-reflection, Personal growth, A year of poems, Insightful poems, Therapeutic poems, Self-examination

From Pieces to Peace
by Donna Hall

Life has a way of breaking us apart when we least expect it. The end of a twenty-seven-year marriage is just the sort of tool it uses to shatter us. In these moments, we need to centre ourselves and find new perspectives that help us gather up our pieces and find peace once again. This healing path is made up of the stories we tell ourselves as we recover and move on from the pains and disappointments life throws our way.

From Pieces to Peace delves into the personal insights and experiences of its author—written over the course of a year of personal growth and development—and encourages readers to be inspired to create their own stories as therapeutic manifestations of self-examination and reflection.

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Donna Hall is the first to admit that she’s made mistakes in her life and experienced many hurts, often getting knocked down and having to fight her way back to her feet. In doing so, however, she has learned to take the time needed to look at her life from different angles, even when it hurts. She’s learned to undo whatever chains were working to make her a victim, and move back into the light, where she can see and recognize her own victories.

By leaving blank pages in her book, after each offering—encouraging her readers to create their own poems and stories, inspired by what they have read—she hopes that her book will help those wanting to overcome emotional distractions that diminish or steal their joy, and reassemble the pieces of their lives so they can be whole again.

Donna currently lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario, with her very special daughter—who Donna describes as being the most amazing person she has ever had the pleasure to learn from—and Zelo (her fish).


Donna Hall

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