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Erotica, Maya, Nurse, Long-distance, Relationship, Family pressures, Caribbean resort

Love & Lust
by M.J. Shaw

Maya has been to hell and back with a terrible relationship that has left her emotionally, physically, and financially drained, so when her friend Maddie invites her to her wedding at a resort on a beautiful Caribbean Island, Maya knows it is exactly what she needs. Maya soon attracts the attention of many suitors on the resort; Amongst them was a young butler, named Devyn. Devyn is charismatic and persistent, so Maya makes an effort to resist his charms – until she can’t.

What follows is the most intense, playful, and erotic connection with an island boy who claims to be in love with her.

Still scarred from her past relationship, Maya battles many conflicting emotions wondering about the authenticity of Devyn’s declaration, or if there is an under handed motive behind it. Between her worries and Devyn’s continuous loving words, Maya desperately tries to sort out the difference between love and lust and what it would mean to pursue happiness, even if it is against the sociocultural norm. To find her answers, Maya must test her self-restraint, find her inner strength, and decide if the risks and rewards of keeping this flame in her life are worth it.

M.J. Shaw is a healthcare provider in one of Toronto’s biggest hospitals. She felt inspired to write Love & Lust based on accumulated experiences of her friends and colleagues. M.J. Shaw is from Toronto, Ontario, and Love & Lust is her first book.


M.J. Shaw

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