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How Might We Champion Design Thinking in Your Organization? cover

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    • 978-1-03-911095-3
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    • 128 pages
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    • design thinking champion,
    • strategies for influencing others,
    • design thinking and change,
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How Might We Champion Design Thinking in Your Organization?
by Dan Buchner

Are you passionate about the potential of Design Thinking? The creative, collaborative and human centered approach you know your organization needs. Do you struggle to get others to see the potential you see? If so you are a Design Thinking Champion and this book is for you. How Might We is a guide full of ideas for you. Practical ideas to inspire you, build your confidence and help other see the value of Design Thinking. Proven ideas derived from years of trial and error, working with actual people in all kinds of organizations. Think of this book as empowering reference guide, a sincere coach and trusted Design Thinking friend wrapped in stories, observations, aha moments, and HMWs.

"When I brought Design Thinking to my team, I didn’t have a resource like Dan’s book. His approach would have made the transformation a hundred times easier. Dan’s book is full of real-world examples, tips and tricks (many of which worked for me!), insights and ideas. With this book as your guide, you’ll be in a better place to bring Design Thinking into your organization and make long-lasting change happen.” —TRINA WELLENDORF, Learning Experience Design Team Lead at Accenture "Once I started reading How Might We I couldn't put it down! I really enjoyed the format - the story followed by the so-what, then some really practical ideas. It’s a guide for changing mindsets and shifting organizational and individual perceptions. And, the HMW questions are great prompts to challenge our own thinking. It's a book I'll give my peers to help them continue their journey with design thinking." —SARAH X, Passionate Design Thinking Champion, (at an undisclosed multi-national financial services company) “Empathetic designer, consummate coach, and passionate believer in the power of a thoughtful open-ended question, Dan Buchner provides an enlightened and practical platform for the Champions of Design Thinking. His connective and illustrative style brings to life revelations of experiences as a Corporate Innovator and Design Thinking consultant. The book, like the man, brings clarity and hope to designing purposeful conversations, listening with intent, putting others’ needs first, and the power of collaboration, alignment and mutual success. How Might We is thoughtfully told and designed to live on the desk of every Design Thinking —KORY KOLLIGIAN, Former COO, EPAM Continuum

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Dan Buchner is an award-winning designer, leadership facilitator, educator, and author. He brings the practice of Design Thinking to the intersection of innovation, leadership and organizational change. Drawing from his years of practical experiences in business and life Dan shifts thinking, transforms perspectives, and inspires action.


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