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Dystopian future, Musician lifestyle, Upmarket fiction, Blues music, Crossroad stories, Musical dreams, Multigenerational stories

Into Your Blues
by Charlie Moodie

One-year post Covid-19, and twenty-six years before RJ and Ryder are born, two men—RJ’s father and Ryder’s godfather—struggling with the bottom of mid-life, embark on separate journeys of salvation. One is a raging alcoholic with a mind so stunning his spirit can’t keep up. The other was shown the financial-crisis door, but instead of leading an ordinary life, chased the musical and lyrical dream. At the crossroads of life, a deal must be struck for these men. And as with all deals, a payment must be paid. Enter Blue, the devil with whom the fathers danced, and a payback arrangement that might just cost the world.

Into Your Blues, the new novel from the author of Next Whiskey Bar, explores the themes of individuality, loss and rebirth, rebellion and freedom, and salvation. Here, readers are introduced to another wild group of characters who indulge in questionable lives in a post-pandemic world. They are at the top of their careers and taking a slide to the bottom. From Toronto to Clarksdale and every place in between, we follow these colourful characters’ progress toward their personal Crossroads, fighting off temptation all the while.

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From finance to fantasy, Charlie Moodie has been involved in banking, telecommunications, education, marketing, and media over the course of his professional life. But he’s had pen to paper all the while, capturing moments in time—for short stories, plays, scripts, and copy. A lifelong student, his quest for knowledge is constant. He believes it's the only way we can grow and that a single word can change everything.


Charlie Moodie
Callan J. Furlong
Jean Lortie

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