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finding happiness, finding your life’s meaning, recognizing your potential, creating the life you deserve, having faith in yourself, overcoming fear, loving unconditionally

The Forgotten Self
The "You" You Should Say Hello To
by Brigitte Quirion

The Forgotten Self: The “You” you should say hello to is about taking control of your life, regardless of your current circumstances. Author Brigitte Quirion is sending a wakeup call: it’s time to take accountability for your words, actions, and life. It’s about realizing that you don’t have to settle, and you aren’t stuck.

There is opportunity for change in any and every second. You can make the decision now to embark on a completely different life. We are all part of a beautiful, interconnected universe, where each of us matters and has value. However, we tend to focus on the negative, physical world, forgetting about the positive, spiritual world. Quirion shows readers that our external world is the result of our internal world, so if we don’t like what we see out there, we need to clean up our thoughts, and connect with our spiritual selves to find the perfect balance between our spiritual and physical worlds.

The author seeks to help her readers realize they can be the root of their problems or their own solutions. She reminds us we are filled with great potential and need to start believing in ourselves. The Forgotten Self challenges us to realize we already have all we need to apply our unlimited potential to create the life of our dreams.

If you’re seeking change and answers, The Forgotten Self will help you to grow towards a better life.

Instagram: @mouilletonez

“We leave a trail of who we are everywhere we go.” Brigitte Quirion

Brigitte Quirion photo

Brigitte Quirion is a tough but loving woman, mom to two beautiful young women, and unapologetically Canadian, eh?

On a journey of creating a better life for herself, the author has discovered many things she wishes she had learned at a younger age. Now, she shares them with the world using personal examples. Having studied writings from centuries ago to the current day on philosophy, religion, self-help, and relationships, Quirion’s goal is to remind her readers and followers that each of us are amazing and so much more than we give ourselves credit for. She believes in the importance of empowering ourselves to have faith and to try anything we have always wanted to try.

With a passionate, humorous approach, and a keen ability to put things in perspective, Quirion shows we are not alone, and that we can discover both internal self-reliance and external assistance along our journeys of growth and self-discovery.

Two years ago, Quirion started a now popular Instagram page (@mouilletonez) as a way of encouraging people to see the potential they have to succeed in life, and to awaken them to their value and blessings every day.

Quirion lives in Ontario, Canada with her two daughters and her tiny Poowawa dog, Zeus.


Brigitte Quirion

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