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Dude ranch, Family vacation, Horses, Werewolves, Adventures, Farm life, Friends

Thunder and the Werewolves
by Samuel J. Stitchman and James O. Stitchman

When Sam and Rosie’s grandparents give them a trip to a dude ranch for their Christmas present, they’re not sure what to expect, but they’re eager to explore! They think it will be even more fun to bring their friend Izzy along . . . only to discover that she’s not quite as good a friend as they originally thought.

Though they enjoy bonding with the horses on the ranch, and meeting Chief Growling Bear, Sam and Rosie are frustrated by Izzy’s behavior. Even so, when Izzy gets attacked by a werewolf, the siblings know they need to help protect her, each other, and the horses at the ranch at all costs. The children must remain on their guard and work together to face the werewolves and to protect Izzy, despite how rudely she’s been acting. Fortunately, Malcolm Marpole and Chief Growling Bear are there to help them.

Thunder and the Werewolves showcases caring for animals, working as a team, and learning respect for others. When we work together, we can face and overcome almost any danger.

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Samuel J. Stitchman and James O. Stitchman have spent several years driving to and from Samuel’s school. Together, they created the story of Sam, Rosie, Izzy, Thunder, and their marvelous and heroic adventures. Building on the story each day between home and school, eventually Samuel asked the question, “Papa, why don’t we write a book?” And Thunder and the Werewolves was born.

Samuel lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia with his sister, Rosie; their mom, Thea; their dad, Brendan; and their rescue dog, Winnie.

James lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife, Kathryn.


Samuel J. Stitchman
James O. Stitchman
Norm Clement

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