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Magic and Wizardry, Humor, Action-adventure, Taking responsibility, Behavior management, Friends

The Ring of Truth
A Novella
by Peter Pactor

This book is fantasy, but more importantly it is very funny humor. Our hero, fifteen-year old Eddie Andrews, is an angry, bullied teenager, who struggles constantly with the vagaries of everyday life—family, friends, school, romance. Even living with himself is a struggle. And then along comes Murkles, a wizard with a sense of humor, and Eddie’s life changes in ways he never imagined.

The book was so funny I almost wet my pants.

—Dr. Jeff Johnson, Distinguished Toastmaster

This book is HILARIOUS and so entertaining. Read it all in one sitting!

—Shruti Sahu, College Student

Peter Pactor is an award winning author for young adult fiction and general fiction for books in his Daniel Series. Before becoming an author, he was a teacher for fifty years and has been a storyteller for three decades. He enjoys family, friends, reading, music, and art, but not mosquitoes.


Peter Pactor

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