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Arabian horses, Horse adventures, Horse racing, Chihuahua horse race, Wild mustangs, Mexican horse ranch, Westerns

The Legend of Storm
by Alice Radoux

The Legend of Storm is a fictional novella about an Arabian stallion from a long and distinguished lineage who is lost to his proud and caring family.

Due to a foolish bet, made in haste, his disappearance has left his owners ranchero bereft of its once proud reputation of having the best Arabian stock in Mexico.

When Storm’s path crosses with a young ranchhand, Barry Stuart, a journey begins which will possibly save the lives and livelihood of senior Delgado and everyone in his care.

A horses love for his human is proven in a race that will restore faith and build a family.

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Alice Christena Leader-Radoux was born in Spalding Saskatchewan in 1939. She married her life long partner Maurice Radoux and together they had 11 children.

Alice shared her love of horses with her family and this story was written for her children, and now her many grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Alice is currently still enjoying life in Saskatchewan.


Alice Radoux
Trudy Binsfeld-okemow

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