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A Whisper of Moonlight cover

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Fantasy, Medieval Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Magic, Community Politics, Quests, Coming of Age

A Whisper of Moonlight
by K.J. Dortmans

When a two-hundred-year-old dark Oracle that was sealed away for over a century begins to emerge and threaten the lives of a kingdom, fifteen-year-old Tonne discovers magical powers he didn’t know he had. He must embark on a quest to save his twin sister before she succumbs to the darkness.

Meanwhile, a young couple, Roland and Evlyn, set out on a journey to the capital city to start a new life, where they encounter politics and betrayals within the royal family in power.

Soon the lives of all those who live in this peaceful country are in danger when what's left of the evil djinn, Nivalhir, begins to fester with purpose once again and wreak havoc on a people on the brink of civil war. As corruption spreads throughout the land, a choice must be made by those in charge—a choice between what is right and what is easy.

K.J. Dortmans was born in the early nineties and grew up during the height of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry Potter, and Legend of Zelda, and has always been fascinated by the fantasy genre.

Whisper of Moonlight is his first book and is the first in The Oathkeepers of Grimgard series. He lives in southwestern Ontario, Canada, with his wife, daughter, and three cats.


K.J. Dortmans

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