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  • The Rising Claw


    Trouble is brewing in 17th century Europe, and John Crossing is following the Captain into a fight against the British Empire. But John has a terrible secret: a sickness that causes him to turn... As John fights to keep anyone from discovering his ...

  • A Whisper of Moonlight


    When a two-hundred-year-old dark Oracle that was sealed away for over a century begins to emerge and threaten the lives of a kingdom, fifteen-year-old Tonne discovers magical powers he didn’t know he had. He must embark on a quest to save his twin ...

  • Waves of Light


    The blood of the Tuatha de Dannan tribe flows through the young Irish princess, Isolde, who believes in the Old Ways. Isolde honours earth, air, wind, and fire and worships the Mother Goddess, Danu, who breathed life into the Isle of Eire. But just ...

  • Waves of Darkness


    In a Medieval Ireland pulled between tradition and change, ancient faiths and the New Religion, otherworldly magic and treacherous human politics, young Princess Isolde of Dunlace, yearns for freedom from a castle that has come to feel like a ...