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Gang Friendship, Growing up, Crime, The Unknown, Afterlife, Blackmail, Death

The Unexpected Gift
by Danny Martel

Meet the Becker Street Pack: Pete, Paul, Chad, and Razor, four friends united for life. Seeking a little fun on the night they graduate from high school, the boys find themselves hired by the most powerful mobster in town, a dangerous man known as the Shiv.

What starts out as a glamorous, lucrative lifestyle begins to fray the Pack’s friendship over the years. As Pete tries to keep his head down as the gang’s “accountant,” Razor is tasked with meting out justice when people are short of what they owe… even when it’s old friends like Paul and Chad who begin to slip.

Torn between loyalty to his friends and fear of the Shiv, Pete finds himself falling into debt just as he meets the love of his life and his father is diagnosed with cancer. In the midst of this whirlwind comes an unexpected gift that may show Pete his true path in life… if he can survive the Shiv’s brutal rule, that is.

A tale of friendship, love, crime and cruelty, An Unexpected Gift explores how loyalty is tested when power and money is involved.

Dan Martel has worked in the criminal justice field in different capacities. An Unexpected Gift began as a conversation with a friend who has since passed from a brain tumour. He encouraged Dan to write this story. It also served as an outlet for mental wellness, as The Author has used writing to help deal with Anxiety and Depression. This is his first book, earning him the title of one of the best up-and-coming authors by Two different Publication Agencies.


Danny Martel
Kimberly Hunt
Darren Lowe

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