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Small town life, Growing up in the 60s, Firefighters, Pranks, Dark humour, Satire, Life story

The humorous life journey of a guy named Ron
by Charles D. Davies

Based loosely on the author’s own life, this is the fictionalized account of the experiences of a man growing up in Canada in the ‘60s, with all of the complications, Playboy magazines, and bell-bottom jeans that implies. Ordinary takes the reader on a satirical, impactful, and unflinching journey through a life that is anything but ordinary.

From childhood adventures with porcupines and first erections to scams and pranks as a first-responder with a fire-fighting unit, this clever, darkly humorous book is an "escape plan" to hope, and a life-line for those struggling to be psychologically healthy. Readers will see how much life, love, and joy there is in even the most ordinary life.

Each of us has our own story to tell, even if we’ve forgotten for a time what that story is. Even the most common of lives are replete with passion, adventure, and excitement.

Charles D. Davies has a bachelor’s degree in Fire Services management. He worked as a paramedic, assistant platoon chief, and firefighter for over 36 years. Adventure has been a central theme in his life, illustrated by both his career choice and his early decision to leave home and move to the mountains. It’s no wonder that many of the experiences of the main character are his own—he had a lot to draw from. Davies has been a student of good writing and storytelling for most of his life, but Ordinary is his first novel.

Davies is divorced, and plans on retiring to Campbell River, B.C., to continue his extraordinary life.


Charles D. Davies

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